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    Classification of websites based on criteria

    Categorize websites into predefined classes based on specific criteria, streamlining market research and competitive analysis.

    Summarization of websites or data

    Create concise summaries of website content or datasets, making it easier to digest large volumes of information.

    Specific, structured data extraction from websites

    Extract and structure data from websites for seamless integration into your business workflows and databases.

    Google reviews retrieval

    Retrieve and analyze Google reviews to gain insights into customer sentiment and brand reputation.

    Sentiment and summarization of natural language

    Analyze sentiment and generate summaries from natural language data to understand customer feedback and communication trends.

    Dynamic content creation

    Generate dynamic, relevant content based on AI analysis to engage users and support content marketing strategies.


    Translate content across multiple languages, enabling global reach and cross-cultural communication.

    Fixed example labeling

    Label data examples with fixed categories to train AI models for more accurate and consistent outputs.

    Item Description Enrichment

    Enrich item descriptions with additional information to improve search engine optimization and product discoverability.

    Multi Class tiered labeling

    Label data examples with multiple classes to train AI models for more nuanced and detailed outputs.

    Keyword extraction

    Identify key terms within text data to enhance search engine optimization and content relevance.

    Proprietary data integration

    Integrate your proprietary data into AI models for customized analysis and insights tailored to your business needs.


    Continued improvements in strict typing and structuring of data to match desired outputs

    Ongoing enhancements in data typing and structuring to ensure AI-generated outputs align precisely with business objectives.


    Full page comparison

    Compare full web pages to classify similar businesses or content, aiding in competitive analysis and market research.


    Search services on enriched data

    Utilize advanced search capabilities on enriched datasets to quickly find the information that matters most to your business.


    List aggregation

    Aggregate and compile lists that meet specific business criteria, facilitating targeted outreach and research efforts.


    Full dataset creation

    Create comprehensive datasets from various sources, enabling deep analysis and informed decision-making.


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