Generate and transform text with an AI powered Sheets formula

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Example outputs

PromptLoop empowers you to...

Unpack survey responses

Analyze and understand thousands of survey responses with a single formula all within the same sheet.

Draft emails and outreach

Generate custom messaging at scale.

Stack rank profiles

Quickly automate custom preference ranking on a list of job titles or profiles for recruiting, sales, or anything else.

Clean sales lists

Reformat and enhance information in sales and lead lists to speed up your business.

Transform messy text

Pull out important pieces of information from messy text and spreadsheets list addresses or emails.

SEO and keyword generation

Use a few inputs to generate creative content like headlines, descriptions, and more.

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Google Workspace
Guillermo RauchNov 25
CEO - Vercel

"It's been amazing to see the growth in AI & ML companies building on @vercel – here are some of my favorites... PromptLoop is integrating AI directly in Google Sheets."

Luke PrioleauOct 14
PromptLoop User

"This is product is a life-saver. Has completely eliminated the need to manually comb through survey results. Has saved me days of work."

Kevin HuangSep 13
PromptLoop User

"Great product. Impressed by how easy it is to use. This replaces my need to hire a Fiverr contractor to do all my regular data cleaning work!"

Brandt WittSep 15
CX Leader

"Easy to use and I'm able to generate unique names and copy for marketing collateral."

Grant LongSep 9
Growth Leader

"Just beginning to dig into the capability, but this is already a huge time saver when analyzing social content."

Mikael NidaSep 14
Founder - Lotus

"Super simple to use so far!"

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