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PromptLoop makes building AI fueled spreadsheet models easy for any company. We provide the tools to build, train, and deploy models, and the infrastructure to scale them.

Marketing Teams

Build custom content engines.

PromptLoop allows you to use your existing content, context and customer personas to craft and draft custom content to help grow your business and engage with customers.

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Adding a personal touch is essential in sales and marketing. PromptLoop lets me work with clients to build custom content models for each member of their team.

Tristan - Founder @ CopyFuel

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Sales Teams

Analyze and process leads and opportunities.

Take sales data and unstructured lead lists and turn them into actionable insights to work off of.

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Have had a great experience using PromptLoop for my sales/marketing efforts. Big efficiency gains, high (90%+) accuracy, and great support from your team.

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Sahil - CEO @ Spiralyze

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E-commerce Teams

Keep listings up to date and ranking high.

E-commerce teams use PromptLoop to craft listings at scale and keep pace with changes in market and inventory. Customize for location, platform and season.

Scale your operations and start selling more.Split TestingLocation specific listingsTranslationFeature descriptionsReview analysis

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Education Innovators

Create and distribute learning content with ease.

Education teams use PromptLoop to create and distribute material for any subject, level, or platform. Multilanguage and context driven, a Promptloop powered spreadsheet is the perfect tool to provide and unlimited supply of learning material.

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