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Getting Started ✨

Use the PromptLoop Formula to use a few rows of examples to complete any text transformation with AI.

Enable PromptLoop

If you haven't already done so, add PromptLoop to a new or existing spreadsheet. Navigate to "Manage Add-Ons" and search for PromptLoop or use this template sheet

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The formula

This simple formula takes a set or column of Inputs and a set or column of Outputs and returns the output for an new input or Target.

PromptLoop Inference

=PROMPTLOOP( inputArray, outputArray, target)

  • InputArray is the set of 3-10 rows of inputs for the example data. The inputs must match the outputs in length and should be fixed for each task. This tells the model what you are looking for. Examples should be representative.
  • OutputArray is the set of 3-10 rows matching outputs for the example data. The outputs must match the inputs in length and should be fixed for each task. This tells the model what you outputs you are looking for.
🔎 Tip: Set Fixed examples for Input/Ouput pairs

Use absolute references to lock in your input and output examples like $A$10:$A$20,$B$10:$B$20

  • Target is the input for the model to perform its calculation on. This is always a single cell but you can copy or drag a formula with set input/output Arrays across hundreds of targets to leverage the same function and output task.

Example Gif

⚠️ Enable the Add-on in each new Sheet

You must activate PromptLoop in any sheet you want to use the formula in. Navigate to the Add-on menu and click "Activate" to do so. More on enabling PromptLoop

Note: PromptLoop is made for text transformations. When working with numbers it is still easiest to use the formulas you are used to.

Select example rows + Select target cell

Promptloop revolves around examples. The better the input and output examples you provide the better the outputs the formula will provide.

Select Examples Inference

Once you have examples that are working (you are getting the outputs you want), you should lock them in for the rest of the sheet. Changing the examples will recalculate the formula.

🔎 Tip: Set Fixed examples for Input/Ouput pairs

Set absolute reference like: $A$10:$A$11,$B$10:$B$11 on the examples and use them for the rest of your task

Experimental - Free to use

Some users will be granted access to a formula powered by experimental models that are faster and accept larger examples but may be more volatile using the =PROMPTLOOPE formula. This formula will not count against credits.

Same Syntax

=PROMPTLOOPE( inputRange, outputRange, target )

You can also use PromptLoopE to generate dummy example data. If you need to provide mock customer or example data use this structure to generate similar examples.

Dummy Data

=PROMPTLOOPE( examplesRange)

You can use this formula to generate example or dummy data. Simply select a set of two or more examples, and the formula will pick up on the correct output

Note that the experimental formula does NOT include these funtions:

🚩 Error Messages:


This error message indicates that the inputs and/or output examples are not correctly formatted. For Promptloop to work - you must provide pairs of inputs and outputs, usually on the same row, as examples. You can include multiple columns combined as one input or output row, but they may not contain undefined values, blank cells, or #ERRORS!.


This message occurs when the Google Account being used is not linked to an active Promptloop account. It also may indicate that payment method is needed, even if free credits still remain on the account.


This error message indicates that PromptLoop is not Activated in this sheet - Navigate to the Add-on menu and activate or Re-activate to proceed. You may have to reload the sheet and delete / re-enter the formula if this persists.

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