Enabling PromptLoop

Add to Sheets

Add to Sheets and use in any sheet you want to activate it in. Your account will be automatically linked

In a Google Sheets file, navigate to the Add-On Menu and search for PromptLoop like below:


Already installed? Enable for a new sheet

Add to Sheets and use in any sheet you want to activate it in. Your account will be automatically linked

PromptLoop is only active when you need it. Navigate to the toolbar and click "Activate"


Use the function - You can now use PromptLoop

You can now use =PROMPTLOOP() for any repeatable task inside this Google Sheets. Others you share the sheet with will also be able to use the function. New Sheets or copies will require it to be re-activated.


1. Define a goal

PromptLoop uses models that perform well at several tasks once given a few representative examples of a task. If you wanted to say determine the subject or category of a blurb, you could provide 5-10 examples of this action and then use the formula to repeat this.

2. Representative examples

For the best results your examples should be representatives of all possible inputs. If you are determining a persons Company from a list of emails for example, you should include a few personal emails that you might want to ignore as examples to inform the model. Right now, the formula is limited to around 800 characters for the input and output examples for speed and performance. Contact us to expand this.

2. Run the model

The model will refresh and show "Loading..." every time you change the examples. Best practice is to define a table with examples somewhere in the sheet or workbook then copy and paste that formula with different targets.

Activate in any new Google Sheets

For any new spreadsheet you want to use PromptLoop in, simply navigate to the extension menu in the toolbar and click "Activate". That's it.

Your credits and usage will be tied to your Gmail account

You can view and track how many credits you have performed in the account page once logged in. Note: You will need to use the same google account or contact us.

📊 Account Page

Need Help?

Reach out to help@promptloop.com and we will be happy to guide you through detailed set up and get started with a few examples so you can start using prompt loop for your specific needs. Or just say hello!

Email: help@promptloop.com