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    Understanding exactly how search algorithms worth is quiet literally a Billion dollar question. There are hundreds of blogs, articles and seminars that will take your money to share "the secrets" with you. While are at PromptLoop are no SEO experts, what we do know if that like many things, sticking to what you can control is often the best way to improve your SEO.

    Ok tell me the myths about AI and SEO:

    1. Google can detect and down rank AI content - False: while it is true even free tools like can tell if text came straight out of a language model, if you are using AI tools to draft and increase your output you are almost always moving in the right directions.

    2. AI content is not unique - False: While true that AI tools can produce content that is less unique then a great writer, AI tools can provide the inputs to great writing that stands out - see our discussion on this. The key is to understand how to use the tools to produce content that is unique.

    3. You don't need to be an engineer or PhD to start building with these tools True: While there are many "point and shoot" tools, PromptLoop and others were built with the goal of letting every company build their own custom pipelines, that can be as simple as a few drop downs and examples in a spreadsheet.

    Use AI models as Lego Blocks

    You should think about models like you would building a team. Place them at the part of your work where they can be most effective. SEO agencies can built out custom models for their clients that are tuned to specific markets and of course context like keywords and existing competition. Professionals and business owners can collect their best performing content and use it to generate new experiments.

    The important thing is keep your existing methods in place, just with fewer bottle necks. With faster drafts you can take on more clients, experiment with more ideas, and rank higher on Google and Amazon. If you have a great research motion, you don't need to replace that right away with a model, focus on what is slowing your team down and bring everyone into the fold to move quickly.

    But what if I don't have my own engineering team?

    Many companies have no reason to hire expensive and highly skilled machine learning researchers and engineers in house. Part of the beauty of recent advances is that there are now options to partner with companies that make it possible to manage your own customization without any engineers, coding or really all that much new software.

    There are many great options on the market, but we built PromptLoop for specifically this opportunity and are proud to be enabling hundreds of businesses with previously unimaginable custom AI engines. You can start customizing your outputs with simple examples in spreadsheets and start to understand how you can provide variables, inputs and adjustments to the model outputs to get precise and accurate drafts of messaging, for anyone.

    Experiment and AB test

    One of the greatest benefits of model assisted work is you can test more ideas, move faster and then directly feed results back into your model inputs. There are dozens of ways teams are doing this but all of them can help you move up the rankings quickly.

    Here's a template and how-to to start optimizing content to rank higher with AI

    We are helping hundreds of SEO leaders stay ahead by crafting their own spreadsheet content engines and have put together material to make it easy. You can find it and follow along with this video

    AI optimization - what to remember

    • Test, and test again - experiment and figure out what works for your goals before going all in on a strategy
    • Don't start over - don't drop what you already have. Bring you research, context and past learnings to any new tools.
    • Craft your tool - use models like building blocks. To stay ahead of competition you need to own the way your models fit into your outputs.

    Want to learn more?

    Our team is happy to speak to anyone thinking about adopting tools and building their own. We are happy to support you with the PromptLoop platform where we align, and can point you in the right direction otherwise. Find out more or signup for a free today!

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