Text 🤝 NPS data - gathering measurable data from user feedback


    If you're in the business of delighting your customers or clients, you know how important it is to predict Net Promoter Scores (NPS) accurately. After all, NPS is a crucial metric for measuring customer loyalty and satisfaction.

    But what if there were a way to turn more of your survey, social comments, and customer touch-points into measurable NPS data points? In this blog post, we'll look closely at how PromptLoop enables extraordinarily accurate predictions of NPS scores based on free-form feedback.

    How the study was conducted

    One of our customers, a large technology company with thousands of customers, took part in a study to test PromptLoop on a vital analysis motion. PromptLoop is a tool that enables the use of fine-tuned Large Language Models with simple Excel-like syntax. They took a data set of customer reviews where both text and a quantitative (1-10) NPS score was provided to understand how well they could predict the quantitative NPS based on customer input. Providing five examples for the formula to base its predictions, the results of the recipe were compared to the actual results offered by each customer.

    Review Analysis

    PromptLoop was able to score inputs on a scale of ten that nearly matched the actual human inputs. even without tuning the examples to be overly representative. The median variance, most relevant to the impact of an aggregate score, was within a point of the human-supplied answers.

    Beyond a simple test, this example shows how taking an existing small set of example data can give you a formula that can comprehend how happy your customers are, what they are missing, and where you might be able to delight the further. You don't need to onboard to a new customer success platform or have your engineering team build out a custom pipeline, just use PromptLoop in the spreadsheet where this info already it. Its that easy.

    All this took less time than an average Uber pickup

    While the results and process were rigorous, this was accomplished with a few keystrokes in Google Sheets, no engineering, and nearly zero cost. The beauty of PromptLoop is that it can bring breakthrough intelligence right to where it can be most valuable. Distance and interface can dilute the power of large AI models. We strip away all that and allow anyone to use a straightforward formula to accelerate, automate, initiate, or augment their workflows.

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