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    Marketers and sales teams today spend a lot of time thinking about channels, and most importantly how they are interacting with prospective customers and the broader market in each channel. The advent of breathtaking AI language models used by the likes of chatGPT, Jasper and others have captured the attention of teams that want to increase their messaging to their market. This comes with one big question though, how do you ensure this magical content is unique, high quality, and personalized?

    Stand out from the flock

    Staying personalized is not just good marketing, its good communication. If you have even been in a conversation with someone who seems to not really listen to anything you are saying and rambles on about the weather or the news, you get it. We want to share what our products and services are, but in a way that is relevant to our audience. Magnifying this with AI models is good for both sides. Buyers get better and more relevant communication about what products might help them, and sellers can stop sending out generic and cookie cutter communication. But how exactly do you do this if tools like chatGPT are use the same model for everyone?

    Customize with Context

    The best way to pair your brand and market insight with AI tools for content or messaging is to focus on what you know. Taking your existing messaging, industry nuance, testimonials and anything else that sets you apart into your AI tools is the best way to do this. All machine learning models are trained on datasets, are we can take large models engineer them to produce specific and tailored outputs to match any voice. Breakthrough frameworks and advances in computing have made this possible even for relatively small sets of input data. This is why now is the best time for small businesses to start investing in what, only a few years ago, only large enterprises could achieve.

    But what if I don't have my own engineering team?

    Many companies have no reason to hire expensive and highly skilled machine learning researchers and engineers in house. Part of the beauty of recent advances is that there are now options to partner with companies that make it possible to manage your own customization without any engineers, coding or really all that much new software.

    There are many great options on the market, but we built PromptLoop for specifically this opportunity and are proud to be enabling hundreds of businesses with previously unimaginable custom AI engines. You can start customizing your outputs with simple examples in spreadsheets and start to understand how you can provide variables, inputs and adjustments to the model outputs to get precise and accurate drafts of messaging, for anyone.

    Do I really need something like this?

    Flexibility, especially at a time like this, is vital. Exploring and adopting these techniques in various parts of your business should not be an all or nothing decision. You can start by experimenting with an area of your market messaging that might need some fresh sunlight, and decide how you can expand from there. The important thing to remember is that your advantage always lies in how you understand what your market and your customers want, and making sure you communicate that clearly with your own context is essential.

    Want to learn more?

    Our team is happy to speak to anyone thinking about adopting tools and building their own. We are happy to support you with the PromptLoop platform where we align, and can point you in the right direction otherwise. Find out more or signup for a free trial here.

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