Maximizing Efficiency with Human-AI Collaboration | Leveraging Each Other's Strengths


    There has been a tremendous about of exciting new product innovation in the past year, giving everyone a glimpse of the world to come when we all have potent models at our side. It's no longer difficult to imagine the role models like GPT-3 will play in the world shortly, but it still needs to be determined precisely how our relationship with models will evolve.

    As we have grown PromptLoop - it has become clear that specific patterns are emerging with how humans can use language models to propel their work without placing them in the wrong role.

    Where do the models win?

    Let's start with what Large Language Models (LLMs) like GPT-3 are and the models that power Promptloop is good at in 2022. These models are trained on billions or lines of text to generate a coherent view of language(s) and how words typically go together. They are fast and accurate at stitching together text or pulling out essential words or themes, making them perfect for PromptLoop users.

    Where do they fall short?

    In late 2022, the model's most vital skills also feed into its weaknesses. Language models trained on open internet data also cause some of their shortcomings. It's scarce to find a comment or post on the internet saying, "I don't know ."Predictably, the models rarely return uncertain answers and prefer to repeat confident but incorrect statements or responses. "Out of the box" models often present challenges with error correction and misleading information. A lot of what we work on with PromptLoop is correcting for this tendency behind the scenes. Logical explanations are similarly tricky to produce.

    Backfilling and the Human and AI loop

    Lack of logical prowess does not limit the usefulness of these models, especially when we can use the best logical engines around - well-tuned spreadsheet models.

    Human-AI Collaboration

    The teams getting the most out of PromptLoop are chaining our formula with error and labeling functions that provide the best of both worlds. They use language models when human reading and writing would otherwise be needed and check and process the results with the formulas that already power their spreadsheets.

    This tandem force is exceptionally effective once set in motion and is something we are advocating for new teams to embrace.

    Place models in roles that take time-consuming or difficult reach and writing roles and rely on mathematical and logical spreadsheet formulas to monitor and use PromptLoop results.

    If you have an interesting example of using PromptLoop with logical functions, please contact the team, and we can share it with the broader community.

    About PromptLoop

    PromptLoop is an artificial intelligence tool that analyzes data and creates logical formulas to power your spreadsheets with AI models. In other words, it's like having a virtual assistant inside your spreadsheet data. PromptLoop can give you an edge over your competition by allowing you to process and generate any text.

    So if you're looking for an edge in business, look no further than PromptLoop. It is the tool that will let you finally take that vacation.

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