AI models for market research

    A powerful set of AI Tools for Data Processing and Web Research. Leverage our Advanced AI Models within Google Sheets and Excel for Efficient Text Analysis and Labeling.

    Input your data, define your goal, and get fast, accurate, and repeatable results from our AI models.

    By leveraging your unique company data right where it sits in spreadsheets, our platform lets anyone use custom AI models tailored to your specific needs, making it incredibly easy to extract valuable insights from complex information.


    AI models are always capabale but PromptLoop allows you to build accurate sourced datasets with repeatable tasks.


    Request specific formats and items from inputs and get the results you need.


    Understand where answers come from with web browsing models returning specific sources and.

    Chatty and Fun
    Accurate and Effective

    Our custom AI models and pipelines deliver fast and reliable performance that you can depend on. Model outputs that you can trust, powering customer critical workflows.

    Start creating custom AI tasks to give you exactly what you are looking for. Differentiate from your competitors and edit and share tasks that improve with use. Your organization has exclusive access to tasks that are built from scratch every time, with a simple email style prompt.

    Don't just take our word for it

    Microsoft 365
    Google Workspace

    Guillermo Rauch

    Nov 25

    CEO - Vercel

    "It's been amazing to see the growth in AI & ML companies building on @vercel – here are some of my favorites... PromptLoop is integrating AI directly in Google Sheets."

    Sahil Patel

    Jan 9

    CEO - Spiralyze

    "Have had a great experience using PromptLoop for my sales/marketing efforts. Big efficiency gains, high (90%+) accuracy, and great support from your team."

    Luke Prioleau

    Jan 14

    Chief of Staff

    "This is product is a life-saver. Has completely eliminated the need to manually comb through survey results. Has saved me days of work."

    Brandt Witt

    Nov 15

    CX Leader

    "Easy to use and I'm able to generate unique names and copy for marketing collateral."

    Tristan Ruml

    Feb 1

    Founder - CopyFuel

    "Adding a personal touch is essential in sales and marketing. PromptLoop lets me work with clients to build custom content models for each member of their team."

    Adam Lewis

    March 14

    CEO - BBD Boom

    "Promptloop is magical. As a Hubspot consultant, we see gaps in lead data all the time, and we now have the perfect way to add custom fields and labels."

    Precise and Dependable

    An extra research analyst, not a chatbot

    PromptLoop Tasks outperforms general AI browsers with its precision and reliability. Designed for teams with specific data needs, it seamlessly integrates with spreadsheets, executing tens of thousands of searches simultaneously.

    PromptLoop TasksGoogle BardChatGPT BrowserPerplexity AI
    10k+ Rows at once
    Multi Page Crawling
    Strict sourcing and formatting

    PromptLoop provides additional output for your team with near zero adoption time.

    PromptLoop is a user-friendly AI tool for Excel and Google Sheets that helps you efficiently categorize, generate, and research data.

    0 Engineering Hours

    Customized AI use cases

    Performance without needing to hire engineers or outsource work.

    85%+ Time saved

    Time saved by current customers on existing workflows

    Free up your teams to take on more work, clients, and higher value tasks.

    4x Faster

    Faster that chatGPT4 / Bard without compromise

    Text analysis and web browsing with AI. Run thousands of queries in seconds. No waiting around. Limit the data you send to chat providers.

    Try PromptLoop todaySee how using AI can accelerate your researchin minutes