AI with a single simple spreadsheet formula

Use PromptLoop in Google Sheets to transform, extract, or summarize any text with a simple formula that works just like SUM or VLOOKUP and generates answers with powerful AI models.

Start building on top of your data

Analyze sales lists

Process addresses, emails or company data with AI in your sales lists to focus in on qualified leads and grow your business.

Augmented research

Use custom trained models to analyze thousands of rows of data at human level quality with web browsing and embeddings

E-commerce listings

Draft powerful customer messaging for your E-commerce listings at scale

Unpack survey responses

Analyze and understand thousands of survey responses with a single formula all within the same sheet.

Draft emails and outreach

Generate custom messaging at scale taking inputs and email examples to personalize your outreach.

Transform messy text

Pull out important pieces of information from messy text and spreadsheets list addresses or emails.

Unlock the potential of your data with Custom AI models

In today's competitive market, having unique and valuable data is a powerful advantage.
However, extracting meaningful insights from this data has always been a challenge for most companies. With PromptLoop, you can now harness the full potential of your data by building and training custom AI models tailored to your specific needs. Transform your data into actionable insights and create a smarter, more efficient business by leveraging the power of AI.


Use AI models right where you need them in your spreadsheets

PromptLoop works by taking a small set of example data and building an inference (where the model learns what to do) around it. Its as simple as it looks.


Create your own custom workflows around PromptLoop

Start using text generation, summarization, web search, and custom endpoints to accelerate your work. Use your data and insights to build a custom solution, not a one click engine.


Train custom AI models to fit your needs

With a simple spreadsheet or CSV you can train and use a custom AI model to carry out challenging, custom work without even having to email an engineering team.

Don't just take our word for it

Google Workspace

Guillermo Rauch

Nov 25

CEO - Vercel

"It's been amazing to see the growth in AI & ML companies building on @vercel – here are some of my favorites... PromptLoop is integrating AI directly in Google Sheets."

Sahil Patel

Jan 9

CEO - Spiralyze

"Have had a great experience using PromptLoop for my sales/marketing efforts. Big efficiency gains, high (90%+) accuracy, and great support from your team."

Luke Prioleau

Jan 14

Chief of Staff

"This is product is a life-saver. Has completely eliminated the need to manually comb through survey results. Has saved me days of work."

Brandt Witt

Nov 15

CX Leader

"Easy to use and I'm able to generate unique names and copy for marketing collateral."

Tristan Ruml

Feb 1

Founder - CopyFuel

"Adding a personal touch is essential in sales and marketing. PromptLoop lets me work with clients to build custom content models for each member of their team."

Adam Lewis

March 14

CEO - BBD Boom

"Promptloop is magical. As a Hubspot consultant, we see gaps in lead data all the time, and we now have the perfect way to add custom fields and labels."

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